Progressive Payment Stages
Construction StagePercentage of Purchase Price
Upon Issue of Option to Purchase (OTP)5%
Upon signing Agreement / Within 8 weeks immediately after date of Option20% (Less the 5% Booking Fee which was paid above)
Upon Completion of Foundation Work10%
Upon Completion of Reinforced Concrete Framework10%
Upon Completion of Partition Walls5%
Upon Completion of Roofing5%
Upon Completion of Door sub-frames / door frames, window frames, electrical wiring (without fittings), internal plastering and plumbing5%
Upon Completion Car park, roads and drains serving the housing project5%
Upon Completion Building, roads and drainage and sewerage works in the housing estate, connection of water, electricity and gas supplies

(At this stage the Temporary Occupation Permit is typically released, meaning you can pick up your keys and move in)

Final Payment Date and/or Completion (might be staggered further depending on when the Certificate of Statutory Completion is issued)15%